When we develop products such as our new, extremely small and handy air impact wrench NC-4610, M7 customers are our main driving force and focus. By building trust and excellent communication channels with our partners, distributors and channel customers, we very quickly get to understand what it is that they are looking and what motivates their choice of air tools.

As a designer, manufacturer and distributor of tools, we are just as committed to bringing the most reliable, efficient, ergonomic tools to the market as we are to fulfilling our promise of excellent service and support to our clients.


Mighty Seven, or M7 as it is affectionately called by thousands of users world-wide, is much more than just a good manufacturer of air tools. In fact, M7 provides a total brand solution for its air tool partners and consumers.

M7's team is composed of a strong network of International air tool experts and an enthusiastic team of engineers, designers, marketeers and administration personnel.


M7 clients are very demanding and nothing short of excellence in product quality and fully committed support will do for them. We may sometimes feel that it is a lot to ask of a relatively new brand, but we embrace the challenge with open arms. We have been manufacturing tools for decades and our expertise in that field helps us better understand our clients' needs.

In terms of quality, we ensure that all the M7-branded products that we sell reflect our commitment to providing tools that are extremely reliable and perform. In order to achieve our standards of quality, our tools are tested thoroughly in our factory, using equipment such as testing equipments used in M7 includes: computerized fatigue testing machines, digital torque testing machines, multi-functional testing machines, grinding efficiency testers, run-out testers, digital measuring projectors, environmental testing chamber, grinding and polishing machines, infrared tachometers, vibrations testers and decibel level detectors.


Although we have been in the industry for more than 2 decades, M7 has only existed as a brand for Over ten years. Nevertheless, the inroads that we have made in many important markets, such as automotive, have led us to believe that our combination of great partner support and quality air tools is our key to succeeding.

M7 has made its bed and the focus is clearly on providing the right combination of marketing support, customer training and new product development as the way forward. When we print our slogan "greater partner support" we see it not so much as wishful thinking, but more as a M7 "truth", a code by which we live daily.