Wed Jun 24, 2020

For the past several years,
our partners and distributors have asked us to develop a range of cordless powertools to match our existing air-tool range.

So this is exactly what we did!!


Wed Jun 24, 2020
⚡️DA BOSS!⚡️ A strong and passionate leader at the helm of m7
Jessica leads like a BOSS. A strong woman in a man’s world, her particular management style;
care, compassion and transparency,
has helped bond a strong m7 team and shape the m7 brand.


And although the m7 Team is a bunch of misfits with different backgrounds,
different interests and with different sets of skills,
we are all proud of the brand we have helped to create and develop!

With Jessica in charge,
you can be assured that m7 will do what it takes to strengthen its relationship with all of our global partners and make your experience with m7 a positive one.