DW-601 Cordless Impact Wrench

DW-601 (Tool Only)
DW-601A (2 Batteries (DB-1850P) , 1 Charger (DC-18A) , Blow Mold Case Kit)

Battery : Li-ion 5.0Ah
Square drive : 3/4" (19mm)
Bolt capacity : M10~M27
Max. torque : 1900Nm (1400ft-lb)


+ BL Motor delivers 1000 ft.lbs. of Max Torque and 1,400 ft.lbs of breakaway torque.
+ 3-speed power selection switch (0-900/0-1,000/0-1,700 RPM & 0-1,800/0-2,000/0-2,200 IPM) provides precise fastening control.
+ 3/4" anvil with friction ring for quick and easy socket changes.
+ The BL Brushless Motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life.
+ Efficient BL Brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50% longer run time per charge.
+++ To use DB-1850P battery for better performance.