Compressed Air System

We use state of the art test equipment to assure 100% quality control during the production process.

1. The maximum recommended air pressure during operation must not exceed 90 psi (6.3bar). Higher air pressure may create unsafe operating conditions for the tool and the user.
2. Clean the hose with a blast of compressed air before connecting the hose to the air tool. This will prevent both moisture and dust inside the hose from entering the tool and causing possible rust or malfunction.
3. Always use an air compressor of the proper capacity to operate each tool.

4. The compressed air should be cooled and have a water filter installed at the outlet end of the compressor. Even with a water filter installed, some water may still condense in the piping or hose and will enter the tool mechanism causing premature damage to the tool. Therefore, it is recommended to install an air filter-lubricator device somewhere between the tool and the compressor.

Piping diameters and length requirement:

The diameter ΦA required for the inlet pipe 10 is recommended on the specification table.
The diameter ΦB required for the branch pipe (from 7 to 9 ) should be 2 times as large as ΦA. ΦB = 2 x ΦA
The diameter ΦC required for the primary air supply (from 1 to 8 ) should be 3 times as large as ΦA. ΦC = 3 x ΦA
The length for the inlet pipe 10 should be less than 15 feet (4.5m).